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Code of the Outcast (Book 4 of the Kyrennei Series) is out!

Code of the Outcast, the long-awaited next installment in the series, is live on Amazon. This book departs a bit from the first three, focusing on new characters, but it is more of the same desperate adventure in the world ruled by the Addin. The series is best if read in order. If you're new to it and looking for a gripping read, try The Soul and the Seed.

Please don't be shy and drop a review of Code of the Outcast on Amazon. Reviews matter. They don't need to be long or convoluted, but they're a big part of what keeps your favorite authors writing. 

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Book Nerd

If you like The Kyrennei Series and you can't wait for the Book II to come out, there are plenty of other fantastic books to read. Here is where you can find my lists of awesome books, ramblings on the love of books and juicy tidbits about writing.

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Herbs often play a part in fantasy stories but we also have to get by in the non-fantasy world. With the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria and unexplained systemic illnesses, more and more people are using herbs in self-defense.  Find out here about herbs that really work.

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Rebel Pen

What if there was a clear reason for the hatred, cruelty and greed in the world? The Kyrennei Series puts this question into fantasy. But the issues raised in the series are real enough. Here is where I put my real-world commentary.

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