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Arie Farnam grew up in the mountains outside La Grande, Oregon and briefly attended La Grande High School, where she did not encounter any particularly evil, mind-controlling teachers. She has been legally blind since birth and has always been interested in understanding how and why society accepts or rejects individuals. When she was twenty two, she graduated from Lawrence University with a BA in Slavic linguistics and struck out for Eastern Europe to work as a freelance newspaper reporter. After writing about conflict and social problems for The Christian Science Monitor and Business Week in Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia and the Ukraine, she settled in the Czech Republic and married her patient and unflappable husband Dušan Blažek. She has traveled and written in over thirty countries to date, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Ecuador as well of most of Central and Eastern Europe. She has also written extensively and directed a documentary film about the discrimination faced by the Romani people of Europe. She now lives in Mnichovice, a small town outside Prague, where she is raising two children, writing like the world is on fire, concocting herbal medicines and trying to live on the earth in a sustainable way. 

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