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Policy change: No more PDF books

I have to make a very sad announcement. I will no longer be providing PDF as a free-book format. I will not be selling PDF books either. Some of the PDF books I have sent out have been used to put up prominent plagiarizing sites that steal my work and that of JUlie Freel, the children's book illustrator. I am not a famous author and what readers pay for my books goes only part way to offset the costs of producing them. I have never actually made money writing books to date. I write because this is my vocation, not because it makes money. I am also not independently wealthy and producing the books costs a great deal. I have small children and I can't afford to support thieves with my work. Neither can Julie Freel, who has even higher material costs due to the high cost of painting supplies. 

As a result, I will no longer offer PDF books. I'm very sorry to have to take this step as I consider my site and community of readers as a safe sanctuary away from the scams of the world and I want you to be able to enjoy this sanctuary fully. If you have a disability or other serious reason why you cannot use other digital formats, please get in touch with me more personally. If I get to know you specifically, we will work out some way for you to get access to your free subscription book.