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The Soul and the Seed by Arie Farnam

It's a lie. Doctors say sixteen year-old Aranka Miko is sick. Then they say she's evil. They imprison her in a sinister warehouse, where her body changes to resemble a creature out of fantasy. Her fellow prisoners are killed, one by one. It's only a matter of time before it is her turn.

This too is a lie. You look around and the world seems the same, mundane and sometimes unfair but just as it always was. That's an illusion. A massive force controls the wills of the powerful, whether in high school cliques or in international politics. Those who won't conform must be crushed to preserve the appearance of free will.

There are those who fight back, but they are pitifully few. Kenyen, a young doctor, knows the truth. World governments would call him a spy and a terrorist. 

All he wants is to save one life. In the process he uncovers "the Seed," the first flicker of hope in a thousand years.

This one grabs you so that you wish you could jump through the ink into their world. The Kyrennei Trilogy makes my scalp tingle just to think about the premise and all the emotions the story brings out of me.
— Ember Smith

The Premise

Let me ask you something. Why are some people popular and others are not? 

Well, you might say that the popular people look great, are nice to everyone, wear the right clothes, know how to talk, have the right friends, have money... But stop and think a minute.  Who says what looks "great"? Who decides what the right clothes are? What decides who gets the right friends? We all know people who are downright mean who are popular. Looks and wealth may matter some but not enough to explain it. We all know good-hearted, good-looking people who are social outsiders. Why?

The Soul and the Seed is a story about our world, just as it appears today, except that there is a reason why some people have power and others don't.

This is the first book in the Kyrennei Trilogy, a contemporary dystopian series with a fantasy twist. The second book in the trilogy The Fear and the Solace and the third book The Taken and the Free will follow shortly.