Teen fantasy and angst-ridden romance

This week's featured author on the Goodreads PFDR board is younger and well connected with a lot of the teenage world. She's Australian author Kia Carrington-Russell. She started writing when she was fifteen and says that her "warped and strange dreams" gave her a fantastic new world. 

Her Three Immortal Blades series is about a teenage girl who has the ability to erect a sort of force field or shield around herself. There are some bad guys around that "shielders" like her have to fight and they mix about as well as bleach and red clothes, i.e. there's a lot of red lost. 

One reviewer sums it up this way: "If you like Young Adult Fantasy, with a touch of angst ridden semi-romance that never quite gets fulfilled - then this series is worth your attention"

I should mention that this is yet another teenage fantasy romance in which the heroine must choose between two boyfriends. 

You can find Possession of My Soul (Book 1 of the Three Immortal Blades series) HERE.

And then Possession of My Heart (Book 2 of the Three Immortal Blades series) HERE.


Arie Farnam

Arie Farnam is a war correspondent turned peace organizer, a tree-hugging herbalist, a legally blind bike rider, the off-road mama of two awesome kids, an idealist with a practical streak and author of the Kyrennei Series. She grew up outside La Grande, Oregon and now lives in a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic.