Icelandic horror and romance - Talk about chills and steam!

When I think of Iceland, I get this image of the rocky Isle of David Eddings' fantasies but with lots of hot springs! What better place for spooky fantasy stories? What better place for romance? 

This week's featured author on the Goodreads PFDR board is Icelandic author Hildur Enola of Nostri Publication and she's got the goods on this one.  

Enola has two books of short stories out in cooperation with her co-author Sirrý Sig.

One Thing Led to Another is a collection of spooky and suspenseful tales that dig into the subconscious.

Icelandic Love features a variety of romance for a quick and delicious read. 

She has a couple of books out in Icelandic and I'm not going to try to pronounce or spell them but if you are more linguistically talented, check out her Goodreads page.

Spotlight on One Thing Led to Another

Hildur Enóla and Sirrý Sig present four very different short stories:

This is a small world. We all have effect on each other, one thing leads to another in an unforeseen way.

The Blood Weeping Table
A fantasy about a pampered wife who finds more than she bargained for with her new desk.

When Hafsteinn Died
A mystery about a woman coming home from a business trip to find her cat dead, and her girlfriend missing.

Just the Facts
A drama about a down-to-earth family man who begins to suspect his young stepdaughter of a cold-blooded murder.

My Rose
A realistic horror fiction about a man who falls madly in love with a girl.

“We Dare You”

Hildur Enóla won first place in the magazine, Vikan, for her short story, ‘Icelandic Honey’. Her co-author Sirrý Sig won third place in the Nýtt Líf magazine for her short story, ‘The Shadow.’ She has also published the children’s book, ‘Through the Cracks’,and several short stories


Arie Farnam

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