If you only read one thing to survive the Trump presidency...

read this.

Love Trumps hate.

This contemporary fantasy thriller predicted the revolt of park rangers, the politics of hate and the brainwashing of a nation more than two years ago. It's fiction with an eery ring of truth.

A story of friendship across borders and resistance against a modern tyranny, this series packs a powerful punch. 

Five stars from Amazon reviews.

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Book 1: The Soul and the Seed

Book 2:  The Fear and the Solace

Book 3: The Taken and the Free

Book 4: Code of the Outcast

Book 5: Path of the Betrayer


Arie Farnam

Arie Farnam is a war correspondent turned peace organizer, a tree-hugging herbalist, a legally blind bike rider, the off-road mama of two awesome kids, an idealist with a practical streak and author of the Kyrennei Series. She grew up outside La Grande, Oregon and now lives in a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic.