Teen fantasy and angst-ridden romance

This week's featured author on the Goodreads PFDR board is younger and well connected with a lot of the teenage world. She's Australian author Kia Carrington-Russell. She started writing when she was fifteen and says that her "warped and strange dreams" gave her a fantastic new world. 

Her Three Immortal Blades series is about a teenage girl who has the ability to erect a sort of force field or shield around herself. There are some bad guys around that "shielders" like her have to fight and they mix about as well as bleach and red clothes, i.e. there's a lot of red lost. 

One reviewer sums it up this way: "If you like Young Adult Fantasy, with a touch of angst ridden semi-romance that never quite gets fulfilled - then this series is worth your attention"

I should mention that this is yet another teenage fantasy romance in which the heroine must choose between two boyfriends. 

You can find Possession of My Soul (Book 1 of the Three Immortal Blades series) HERE.

And then Possession of My Heart (Book 2 of the Three Immortal Blades series) HERE.


Arie Farnam

Arie Farnam is a war correspondent turned peace organizer, a tree-hugging herbalist, a legally blind bike rider, the off-road mama of two awesome kids, an idealist with a practical streak and author of the Kyrennei Series. She grew up outside La Grande, Oregon and now lives in a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic.

New Release: The Fear and the Solace (The Kyrennei Series Book Two)

The second book in The Kyrennei Series is being released today in honor of my mother's birthday and the lunar eclipse. Happy birthday, Mama!

What if you had to fight a war you knew you could never win?

Aranka Miko, the girl who carried the hope of resistance against Addin mind control, is lost and assumed to be dead. Despair has always dogged at the heels of those in the desperate fight against the Addin, but now that they've tasted hope, the return of darkness is all the more bitter. 

Twenty-two-year-old Cho is the temporary commander of the J. Company compound in Montana when disaster strikes. The scouting team in Portland, Oregon has been ambushed on the 205 bridge. If they're captured, their souls will be usurped by Addin control. Then Cho will be on her own in this secret world war that can never be won. At least two of her closest friends are dead, the man she loves is at the epicenter of the danger and the one who carries the first hope in a thousand years is lost, almost certainly killed in a rain of bullets. 

Hope is a fragile thing and fear is constant companion. It's the twenty-first century, right now, in America and everything looks just fine on the surface. But a clandestine force controls the highest seats of power and will stop at nothing to stamp out resistance. The ancient Meikan people, like Cho, have lived in terror of the Addin for generations, and those who dare to stand up to its power are shunned as outlaws by their own people. Then a mere girl fulfilled an almost forgotten prophecy and hope briefly flowered in unlikely places. But does a giant even notice the crushing of a single flower? One girl is easy enough to kill.

Icelandic horror and romance - Talk about chills and steam!

When I think of Iceland, I get this image of the rocky Isle of David Eddings' fantasies but with lots of hot springs! What better place for spooky fantasy stories? What better place for romance? 

This week's featured author on the Goodreads PFDR board is Icelandic author Hildur Enola of Nostri Publication and she's got the goods on this one.  

Enola has two books of short stories out in cooperation with her co-author Sirrý Sig.

One Thing Led to Another is a collection of spooky and suspenseful tales that dig into the subconscious.

Icelandic Love features a variety of romance for a quick and delicious read. 

She has a couple of books out in Icelandic and I'm not going to try to pronounce or spell them but if you are more linguistically talented, check out her Goodreads page.

Spotlight on One Thing Led to Another

Hildur Enóla and Sirrý Sig present four very different short stories:

This is a small world. We all have effect on each other, one thing leads to another in an unforeseen way.

The Blood Weeping Table
A fantasy about a pampered wife who finds more than she bargained for with her new desk.

When Hafsteinn Died
A mystery about a woman coming home from a business trip to find her cat dead, and her girlfriend missing.

Just the Facts
A drama about a down-to-earth family man who begins to suspect his young stepdaughter of a cold-blooded murder.

My Rose
A realistic horror fiction about a man who falls madly in love with a girl.

“We Dare You”

Hildur Enóla won first place in the magazine, Vikan, for her short story, ‘Icelandic Honey’. Her co-author Sirrý Sig won third place in the Nýtt Líf magazine for her short story, ‘The Shadow.’ She has also published the children’s book, ‘Through the Cracks’,and several short stories


Arie Farnam

Arie Farnam is a war correspondent turned peace organizer, a tree-hugging herbalist, a legally blind bike rider, the off-road mama of two awesome kids, an idealist with a practical streak and author of the Kyrennei Series. She grew up outside La Grande, Oregon and now lives in a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic.

And the featured author of the week is... oops!

And the featured author this week on the Goodreads PFDR board is... 


Wait a minute here...

That wasn't supposed to happen yet. I'm not ready yet! Mys second book isn't out yet. I'm not ready! Oh well, no arguing with the gods of Goodreads. 

Yup, you guessed it. The featured author this week is yours truly. 

As a mark of my gratitude to all the wonderful readers at Goodreads I'm putting The Soul and the Seed on sale for 99 cents for just this week on Amazon. So, if there was ever a time to tell all your friends on Facebook and Twitter about it, now is the time. 

This week also happens to be Mabon week, which is the time of thanksgiving in our family. Now, how timely is that? 

I am grateful to all the Goodreads members who are spreading the word about this intense, amazing book that I was so honored to birth into the world. Thank you also to my family and friends who have tirelessly helped with technical details, advance reading and spreading the word.

Beyond that I am astounded into gratitude every day by the fact that I was given this idea, these words, this chance and the time to write it down. It was a gift of the universe and spirit, if anything ever was. The idea brewed for many years but the characters came like real people, telling me their stories. So, I am thankful to whatever it is that gave me this gift - goddess, spirit or my own luck of the draw in life experience. I have many gifts that can't be taken for granted, a husband who works a steady job, so that I don't have to work extra long hours like so many women today. I have a snug home and good fortune in health.

A recent calamity at a friend's home - one of those completely unpredictable things that could happen any day to any of us and leave harm that will last a lifetime - has reminded me to give thanks every day that disaster doesn't strike.  I have just finished writing a final chapter for Book 3 of the Kyrennei Series and that is a sentiment that comes out in the story as well - that simplest of gratitude, the miracle of another day of peace and wholeness.

I don't take this moment for granted.

And thank you for reading because then I am never alone.

Sneak a Peek at Book 2 of the Kyrennei Serieis - Work-in-Progress Blog Tour

I was nominated by author Sarah Queen  for the Work In Progress Blog Tour. This is where authors post about their current work in progress, divulge the first sentences of the first three chapters of their next book, and nominate several other authors to do the same.

So, here goes...

The second book in the Kyrennei Series is called The Fear and the Solace. This is the sequel to The Soul and the Seed. Reviewers have said they are anxiously awaiting this sequel, to which I can now say, "Almost there!" The Fear and the Solace should be published in about two weeks. The text is undergoing copyediting at a secret location in the Mid West and the cover is being polished to a high gloss.

For those who don't know, the Kyrennei Series is a contemporary fantasy thriller with dystopian elements. The world of the story looks just like today's world and the setting is the Pacific Northwest. But a clandestine force usurps the wills and desires of individuals, forcing them to pursue more power for those already in power. The problems of our modern world can easily be blamed on this premise and readers find themselves looking over their shoulders and shivering, much as I did when reading George Orwell's 1984 all those years ago. It can be disconcerting when the dystopia is a bit too close for comfort.

The primary character is Aranka Miko, a girl from the small town of La Grande, Oregon, who finds out the hard way that a fluke in her genes makes her a threat to the those who hold real power in today's world. First, she is imprisoned and forced to watch as others like her are killed. To escape, Aranka falls in with a group of desperate outlaws from every corner of the globe. They are at turns endearing and ruthless but they represent her only hope to escape from torture and death. Then an ambush separates Aranka from her new friends, including one who she might just love.

This is where The Fear and the Solace begins. The modern-day freedom fighters known as J. Company despair of finding Aranka alive and she has come to be the symbol of their greatest hope. Aranka is stranded with every possible authority hunting her. And she is physically different from everyone around her. She can't easily hide. 

Readers of The Soul and the Seed may be interested to know that this time you get to hear from some other intriguing characters - both Cho and Rick, for instance. You also get to explore settings beyond the United States. But I won't spoil anything for you. You will get to read it soon enough.

As I said, it's coming in about two weeks. Here is something to tease you with... as promised, the initial sentences of the first three chapters.

Chapter 1

The smell of late summer dust bit sharply inside my nose as I walked cross the gravel courtyard toward Jace’s office... 

Chapter 2

It was a Saturday morning at the tail end of September...

Chapter 3

I couldn't quite believe that I was still both alive and free... 

My heartfelt thanks to Sarah Queen for tagging me for this. It's fun and a great way to get to know authors. Here is Sarah's post about her new upcoming book Evergreen.  It sounds like a thought-provoking science fiction / fantasy. 

Now it is my turn to nominate some fellow authors to disclose some tantalizing tidbits about what they're working on. 

Morgan Daimler - I must say I was astounded by Morgan's book Murder Between the Worlds. I am not a mystery reader and the title totally turned me off. I only read it because it was supposed to have really interesting Pagan themes and I'll undergo almost anything (even formulaic mystery, I suppose) for that. How glad I was that I gave it a chance! This is not a formulaic mystery. It's fascinating speculative fiction about what might happen if the human world and the legendary world of Faerie were to partially merge. There is a murder mystery in the plot but there is much much more - great modern fantasy atmosphere, wonderful prose, lovable characters, realistic dialogue - in short, all the things I find in such short supply in fiction. I have been so overloaded with work these past few months that it is very hard to get my attention (as my children know all too well) and this was the only book to really succeed in the past three months. I am very interested to see what Morgan will do next.

Debbie Behan - Debbie writes science fiction adventure with a fun atmosphere and the lore of Greek gods liberally mixed in. Her Lord of the Planets series starts with Home Worlds. She gets bonus points because my dear husband Dusan wishes she would have her books translated into Czech, so that he could read them. She gets good karma points for being an indie author who reaches out a hand to other indie authors, including those who are brand new and have few credentials... like, ahem... me. I wonder what she'll reveal about her next book.

Lauren Shelton - I don't know Lauren as well yet but she is an intriguing fantasy author who has spent a lot of her life dreaming up her fantasies, just as I did. Her book The Hybrid also deals with myths and legends and their intersections with modern society. I see now that I have managed to create a pattern here. I didn't mean to but it is just as well and it may be a sign of the times. I am curious to see what Lauren will write next.

Okay, you three. TAG! You're it.

Here are the "rules."

You write a blog post about your work in progress and include the first sentences of the first three chapters (at least as they stand at the moment). You link back to me and you link to several other authors who you nominate. Traditionally, you nominate four. I tried but it seems that most of my author friends are either too early in the process or a bit secretive about their WIPs, so I nominate three for now. Good luck!






Arie Farnam

Arie Farnam is a war correspondent turned peace organizer, a tree-hugging herbalist, a legally blind bike rider, the off-road mama of two awesome kids, an idealist with a practical streak and author of the Kyrennei Series. She grew up outside La Grande, Oregon and now lives in a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic.

Indie urban fantasy - good stories, rough edges and all

This week's featured author on the Goodreads PFDR forum is Canadian author Jennifer R. McDonald. She's an example of one of the many hardworking independent authors out there, not only writing as authors used to be expected to but dealing with cover design, editing, formatting and marketing of books all at the same time. McDonald does it all but writing a good yarn is still probably her stronger suit. The covers of her Vielwalker trilogy look like self-published covers. The reviews are enthusiastic for the meat of the stories, while conceding that the books could be more professionally presented. 

The question here is what your priorities are as a reader. If what you primarily want is an endless supply of the good reading, then you can find that with independent authors, rough edges and all. 

Here is a quote from a review by Heather Blair for Into the Veil, the first book in McDonald's trilogy featuring a teenage girl who possesses a rare and dangerous ability to walk betweent he worlds of the living and the dead: "I am getting hooked on indie books, and Into the Veil is a perfect example of why. The book starts out engaging, but just a little rough, a little awkward, mirroring the teenager it portrays... This book gets better and better as it moves along and the last third is guaranteed to keep your nose glued to your Kindle. Lyric is one of the absolutely best female characters I have ever read. She is strong and fragile, stubborn and full of heart. In other words, completely real and you will be completely absorbed in her story. Yes, there are grammatical errors scattered liberally through the book, but they are no more than a small irritation once the story gets going."

You can find Jennifer R. McDonald's books at the following links:

Into the Veil (Veilwalker Trilogy #1)

Through the Gloom (Veilwalker Trilogy #2)

Across the Blood Red River (Veilwalker Trilogy #3)


Arie Farnam

Arie Farnam is a war correspondent turned peace organizer, a tree-hugging herbalist, a legally blind bike rider, the off-road mama of two awesome kids, an idealist with a practical streak and author of the Kyrennei Series. She grew up outside La Grande, Oregon and now lives in a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic.

What makes the book nerd tick?

What makes the book nerd tick?

When people ask me what my "hobbies" are I am always a bit puzzled. Hobbies? I don't have time for hobbies. I have two kids. I teach classes, write novels, write blogs, cook and clean. I theoretically publish said novels. I grow some essential food and herbs because you can't buy much that's good locally. Then I chase said kids around and break up fights. I occasionally talk to my husband... You get the picture. I don't 

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